Rehabilitation of cultural centers in Nozrina, Trnjane, Bobovište i Vrelo, Aleksinac

For the needs of the municipal administration from Aleksinac and the local community of the villages of Nozrina, Trnjane, Bobovište and Vrelo, we have done projects for the rehabilitation of buildings in which the Houses of Culture once existed. The powerful buildings of cultural centers in the villages of the Aleksinac municipality testify to some other times, when people lived differently and built and equipped spaces with their own efforts that enriched their social life.

These are buildings built after World War II, large in size and area, which are mostly abandoned and completely devastated.

The concept of our projects is such that it transforms completely demolished parts into arranged spaces for living outdoors, while parts of buildings that are in a better condition are adjusted to the purpose of culture and administration.

Regardless of the fact that these are not objects of exceptional aesthetic qualities, their authenticity has been maximally respected. New form materials have been introduced just to meet the basic needs of users and better functionality.


Construction of a "mini-pitch" field and children's playground, Aleksinac
"Sreten Marić" public library, Kosjerić