Barcino Tours Office, Niš

The Barcino Tours Niš office renovation project was a very difficult task.

Many complex needs and functions and a very limited space available combined, were a real challenge for our team.

The space is at the attic of a business building in Dušanova Street in Niš, and it has management and accounting in it.

From one office with a storage, a small separate office was to be created and the number of job positions to be increased, from 4 to 6 in total.

In addition, the small detached office had to have facilities for reception and sound insulation.

In order to meet all the requirements, we first decided to remove the storage partition wall and open another skylight, so that all users would have natural light and ventilation.

The small office was rebuilt with new glass panels, and the structure itself, which was located in the partition wall of the pantry, had to be retained because it was a structural part of the building’s roof.

We have designed furniture that will meet all the needs of users and we have positioned it in a way that it does not interfere with communication.

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