Barcino Tours Office, Zrenjanin

The Barcino Tours Office in Zrenjanin is our second realized interior for this famous travel agency.

The office is located in a protected area, in a historically significant building, on the main promenade of Zrenjanin.

The space is small and irregular in shape, but was chosen because of the excellent position it has.

The functional solution was to meet the needs of two employees and a minimum of five clients at a time, with additional waiting areas.

We used standard colors, but higher quality materials, for wall decoration and furniture, which as always was custom made.

Addition to the refinement of space is the richer interior lighting. As usual, we used Eglo company products, which fit perfectly into our design.

Specifically, the following details were also selected and designed: large-size print on forex, as well as a “mediapan” mirror, mounted opposite workplaces, to give the visual effect of a larger space.

All chairs and armchairs are from IKEA.

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