Bodyline Fitness

Bodyline Fitness & Wellness, Subotica

The interior design project for Bodyline fitness and wellness center with cafe-bar space was completed in 2018. Our task was to resolve the details for the gym and wellness area, and to fully customize the interior of the entrance hall, cafe-bar and communication between them.

The investor had begun to develop his ideas and encountered numerous problems. At the moment when he were asked for help, rough work was done in the gym and fitness area while the rest of the building was ruined.

After a detailed overview of the space and conversation with the investor, we approached to solving the problems by its priority, and at the same time we started developing the complete project documentation for the interior design.

Given the fact that ground floor has beautiful sunny area with large glass surfaces, we decided to use a “black and white” combination with details made of natural wood. Both counters, reception and bar are custom made according to our design.

We have used Eglo lightning solutions.

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