Dental SPA center, Nis

The renovation of the interior and the expansion of the capacity of the dental office Dental SPA Center in Nis was realized in 2019. This business was especially interesting for us because as long-time users of their services we had the opportunity to maximally contribute to the best possible solution from this aspect.

The investor wanted to primarily increase the capacities of the workspace, and thus imposed the need for a bigger and more comfortable waiting room. The other requirements were related to the conception of the new visual identity of the office, the production of furniture and other elements of specialized purposes, etc. Their central motive is the aquarium with fish and was given special attention. In order to meet these requirements, it was necessary to reorganize the contents, to make an additional connection between the two separate outlets, and at the same time make it possible for everything to function as one whole. All this had to be done without interrupting the work of the clinic.

Considering that this is a relatively small area where many activities are at the same time, and that respecting routine is essential for the smooth functioning of employees and patients, we had to get to know the details of the most difficult operations that take place here.

Functional solution includes: two work areas, a waiting room with a separate reception desk, an office and two sanitary facilities.

Inspired by always positive atmosphere, we proposed intense and unusual colors in the part of reception and waiting room, with some details in the same color in the work. To our great joy, the idea is accepted, so the entire ambience has got a fresh note.

We are particularly proud of the fact that we have managed to contribute to the better and easier fusing of employees with specialized parts of furniture, without undermining the basic aesthetic dimension of the entire concept.

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