Penthouse for a future archaeologist, Niš

During 2019 we had the great pleasure of designing the interior of the penthouse for a wonderful young lady, who chose archeology for her vocation.

By the time we started cooperation, part of the attic space was already partially prepared for future use, but after analyzing all the requirements and possibilities and presenting 3 proposals, together with the investor we decided to further elaborate the most optimal one.


Since she originates from Niš, we found inspiration in the rich cultural and historical heritage of this particular city, and above all in the archeological site of Mediana and the period from which this cultural property dated.

Based on the adopted functional solution and selection of materials, color palette and technical solutions, we began to elaborate on the details.

The project is expected to be completed in 2020.

Lighting: Eglo, furniture: IKEA and custom made, ceramic tiles: Keramika Kanjiža, colour palette: JUB, carpets: Galerija podova.

Chief designer: Elena Vasić Petrović, arch., associates: Dejan Rudić Vranić, civil.eng., Kristina Đokić, arch, photo/3Dmodel: Dejan Rudić Vranić, civil.eng.

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