Barcino Tours Office, Leskovac

The interior design for Barcino Tours Office in Leskovac is the first job we have done for this successful company, which operates in several cities in Serbia. In addition to keeping the basic elements and recognizable colors, characteristic for all their business premises, we have taken on the obligation to deal with the details. First and foremost, in a functional sense, they had to facilitate and improve everyday life, both for employees and for clients.

enterijer barcino leskovac

The appearance of the space was usual for this part of Leskovac where the old craft shops are placed. These are  build in a row, so we had only the width of the portal facing the street. Also they have small width and height of the entire space and the great depth of fully built plot.

Based on the project task, with the rational use of space, we managed to get the necessary number of working positions, to provide a sufficient number of  chairs for clients and to add seating elements for those who are waiting.

This last request had to be fulfilled in the usual way for all offices, which is “a bench mounted to the wall”. To our great joy, this is an element that everyone liked most. Although small in size, thanks to good idea and realization, we got a very comfortable seating part. Another good side is that all spaces below the seating section are filled with drawers, which contribute to solving the need to store large quantities of materials, which each office has.

The entire furniture custom made according to our ideas and drawings, and we were also lucky to find a local firm that is involved in the production of those elements, so we reached the desired results quickly and efficiently.

Parts made of Plexiglas, decorative and functional, were made by a company from Nis.

As a supplement to our ideas, beautiful lights served, those are produced by “Eglo” whose products we often use in our designs, and so far it has proved to be satisfactory aesthetics,  good value for money spent, also very favorable in aesthetics.

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