ICBtech’s new Headquorters, Subotica

Thanks to our long and very successful cooperation with the company ICBtech from Subotica, it was our honor to design an interior design project for their new business premises.

The space is located on the ground floor of a newly built building, shared by three companies in the IT industry. It is designed as one large office, which shares accompanying facilities with other users in the building (toilets, large meeting room, kitchen and dining room).

The basic requirements of the investor were to isolate the accompanying contents, but smaller in scope, within this unique space, as well as to maintain the concept of “open-space” office, while giving privacy to certain functions and employees.

In addition, all this should have satisfied the required number of job positions for the current situation, but also to allow the expansion of capacity and the increase in the number of jobs.

Our concept has offered solution to meet all the above needs, with the maximum utilization of each part of the space.

Due to the specific nature of the work that this IT company does, it is a common practice for employees to change their clothes and shoes upon arrival, so a small locker room with additional storage space is immediately designed at the entrance. Right next to it, we located the director’s office, which is visually connected to the rest of the space and soundproofed with fully transparent glass partitions. Across that is a reception desk, and behind it: a small kitchen with a dining area and a common area with a waiting room and a workshop.

The largest part consists of a common work space, which also includes a small meeting room and a so-calledsky booth.

Complete lighting is from the range of manufacturers Eglo.

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