Conservation of Stone Monuments at the Museum of Ponisavlje, Pirot

“DE arhitektura” team gave expert and technical supporti to the “Conservation Summer School – Stone” . The project is realized by the Architect Aleksandar Radović Foundation in August, 2019. at the Museum Of Ponišavlje in Pirot.

Participants of the summer school were from Serbia, Iran and Egypt, eight in total. The summer school program was very rich. Their stay in Pirot began with a tour of the Pirot Fortress and other sights of the town, and then continued with lectures at the Hristić House, which covered a number of professional topics. The lecturers were also international (Bulgaria and Serbia).

The main idea of the summer school was to assist the host, the Museum of Ponišavlje, in processing the collection of stone monuments located in the courtyard of the Hristić House. On the other hand, participants were given a rare opportunity to learn in theory and practice about stone conservation, collection management, research and heritage presentation.

The practical work involved recording and documenting fifteen stone objects. Subsequently, participants were divided into two groups and selected subjects to work on further. Both groups produced detailed technical documentation for their subject matter, as well as conservation charts describing the condition, defining and mapping the damage, proposing conservation, preservation and maintenance measures.

After conservation and restoration, the items were placed in a museum depot.

In addition to the Foundation, the summer school was financially supported by the City of Pirot and the “Jantar Group” from Belgrade, while expert and logistical support was provided by the Museum of Pinišavlje and “DE arhitektura” from Niš.

The results from the Summer School are summarised and published in a book, whose leading author is also the founder of DEarhitekture, Elena Vasić Petrović.

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