Interior design for Faculty of teachers, Yellow house, Subotica

For our new client, the Faculty for Teachers in the Hungarian language in Subotica, we have made a project of interior design, for the part of the building in which they are located.

It is a historic building in Strossmayer Street No. 11, which is better known as the Yellow House. This is definitely one of the most beautiful and most important facilities in Subotica and it was a really great privilege to work on it. The great team of the faculty was very cooperative and we managed to overcome a very complex project task, which was in front of us.

We worked on interior design and furniture details for 4 levels: ground floor (library, amphitheater, halls, student service, 2 atriums), mezzanine (dean’s office), first floor (classrooms, student parliament, specialized classroom for multimedia exercises, offices) and attic cabinets for professors, multifunctional hall, hall, specialized classroom for informatics).

The library and the amphitheater are, in addition to the dean’s office, the most representative spaces in the building, so we share with you the details of the arrangement for these two spaces.

As for the library, the basic requirement was to get 500 meters of long shelves, so that the existing book fund could be compared.

The amphitheater has just under 200 seats for the audience and 5 seats for the lecturers.

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Project team: Elena Vasić Petrović, Dejan Rudić Vranić, Aleksandra Vojinović and associates.

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